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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hi, I Totally Suck...

You guys...I need help.

My brain is all mushy and I must take action RIGHT NOW!!!

I'm on the border of becoming a very rude person.

Two of my friends had twin boys a day apart from each other and I have yet to send a gift.

I want to send something meaningful and perhaps even useful, but I can't remember what in the world was useful to me in the first few weeks of having the Crazies home!

What in the world???

What is wrong with my brain?

Have the Crazies taken it and stored it in the little tiny heads of their lovies only to be returned when they leave for college (only by then it will have eroded beyond recognition...I'm screwed)???

So, here's how you can help (if you choose to accept this mission)...

Please send me ideas of what I can get for these four little boys who have recently entered this world.

Or, better yet, what I can get for their Mamas...who at this point in time, are seriously trying to figure all this twinfant stuff out??

I need your help...I don't like being rude.

Thanks in advance for your guys rock!

PS - Is it weird that I keep thinking that 4 more boys in our little world will really increase the odds of Hailey finding a decent husband???  Does anyone else think like that?

PPS - Forgot to mention that they're out of town friends, so I'll need to send something...duh...that's kind of important!