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Monday, June 13, 2011

Makes My Monday - Slumber Party

They made it!  In case you were wondering about Friday's post (and I know it was just keeping you up at night, wasn't it?)...they made it!

The sheets arrived and they were NOT in tatters.  They make me so happy...I got such a good night's sleep on this pillow (well, not this VERY pillow...this is a "good pillow."  I slept on my support pillow in the t-shirt pillowcase).

And bed is made.  I will be making my bed every single day from this point forward.  Why let nice bedding like this be in wrinkled bundles on my mattress?  I will be making my bed...even if it is at 7:30 at night.

Now all we need to do is change the paint color and hang some artwork...then my bedroom will look great.  We've only lived here for 6 rush, right???

Husband can't believe how happy new bedding has made me.  So much that he was totally nervous to tell me about the blood stains he found on two of the pillows after the Crazies had spent some time "getting acquainted*" with our new bedding.  They came out though...thank God!  Remember how they're not supposed to come in our room???  Well, this is EXACTLY why!

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*  In our house, "getting acquainted" is likened to throwing your body forcefully upon an object over and over again.  Then burying your face into said object and making growling noises.  Just thought I'd clarify that.