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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Want This...

Just thought you'd like to know...I want this...image information
We're donating two dressers in our guest room and I really really want this to put in their place.

Then all the crap from those dressers has to go somewhere, so we're going to get another one of these for the closet in the guest room and stick all of our crap in there.

Image Information
Then all the crap that's in the closet has to go somewhere, so we'll move it all down into the basement.  Wait a minute...the basement is chock full of Christmas shit, old baby shit that we're keeping around, teaching shit, Halloween shit, carpentry shit, Christmas shit (yes, I mentioned Christmas's ridiculous how much stuff we have), and our washer and dryer.

So, where will I put my wedding dress...that's wedding dress from 6 years ago is hanging in my guest room closet.  Has it been cleaned and preserved?  NOPE!  I rock...

Anyway, we're bursting at the seams...

At least we're getting rid of two dressers!  We'll just shift everything else.

I love the shift...the shift of crap.

Crap Shifters...that could be a TLC show!

Why does it seem that just when I'm ready to get organized, everything else can't find a place to live???

I need places for this crap to live!

What lives in your house without an actual place to live?

Oh, and have you had your wedding dresses preserved???

Am I the only one who sucks at this stuff???

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