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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday - I Had a Morning Like This

This week, I had a morning like this...

This little girl came downstairs and wanted to color...this is the picture that I was "caught" snapping a photo.

Then this little girl went right back to her very  important work...not to be disturbed by little things like a camera.

This little boy sat right down in his Cars chair to watch Mighty Machines and eat his fruit.

He did tear his eyes away for a second so I could take a picture of his sweet handsome face.

I just had to document it because my typical mornings are filled with screaming, crying, kicking, begging, fighting, arguing, drama, hitting, time-outs, being unhappy with the hot breakfast that was cooked for them, repeatedly asking what we're going to do, hitting, and more crying.

And then, I am granted a morning like this...would you believe that I still had a hot cup of coffee next to me when these pictures were taken.

It's those mornings that I live for...

Oh, and I can't resist the fact that Matt bellows for me from his room every morning (way too early, BTW) and then, when I finally get up there, whispers, "Mom, if I get out, I'll be vewy vewy quiet down there.  I pwomise."  I just can't resist it.