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Monday, June 20, 2011


First, the pictures...

Second, the stories...

Happy Fodder's Day!  (Crazies' pronunciation, not mine)

Thank you, self-timer!

"Good reading, read all of the words correctly."

Hailey was very proud of her "H."

If I were like all of those other Facebook freaks that you hate, I'd stop here and pretend like our Father's Day was know, because four pictures equals a perfect Father's Day, right?

So, you're probably wondering what E.F.F.D. means and I'll tell stands for Epic Fail Father's Day.

That's right...this was not the Father's Day I envisioned for Husband...not at all.

Let's start by blaming him.

Husband is very difficult in terms of someone who loves "special" things and to be spoiled.  He doesn't like it.  He buys himself everything he wants.  He "eats to live" which means I can't really spoil him with food (although I tried with an undercooked filet mignon).  He doesn't like to pamper himself (although I made him get an hour-long massage after his 10-mile race on Saturday).  He won't sleep in...says it makes him feel worse.  He doesn't really get into all.

He likes to "chill."

The big question here is:  Who can chill with two toddlers running around like crazy people???

The Crazies were HORRIBLE on Father's Day...seriously horrible!  Hailey was the clingiest I have EVER seen her and Matt was just terrible...whiny and annoying.

It's like they equated "Father's Day" to "don't leave Father alone or he'll suffer severe brain damage, so you must be on him at all times."

I kept trying to suggest that we go do something, but he kind of had to wanted to do the lawn.

I had to tutor in the afternoon (okayed by Husband).  That kind of sucked, but at least he got some quiet time during naps.

I also asked him earlier in the week if I could get a pedicure (first sign of an Epic Fail) b/c my toenail is falling off and I needed some upkeep.  Turns out, he was mad about it all week, but didn't tell me until the end of the day.  I felt horrible.  I totally got what he was saying.

Anyway, dinner was good...filet mignon (grilled by Yours Truly...and I totally undercooked my own piece), oven roasted new potatoes, and sauteed zucchini and yellow squash.  YUM!

When we went up for naps, I inexplicably became obsessed with having to make our bed (that new bedding just doesn't look as nice when it's all messed up) and he got mad at me b/c I got mad at the Crazies b/c they were annoying.  He just didn't understand why I had to choose that moment...when the Crazies were going make the bed.

Point taken.

It just wasn't my day.  I don't know how to spoil Husband.  He doesn't know how to be spoiled.  I ended up feeling like a sucky wife...he ended up using the words "Epic Fail" way too much (he was kidding, but it still sucked).

I think we made up for it today (Day Out With Thomas...choochoo), but I'm also pretty sure that he's glad he opted for the Good Morning rather than the Happy Ending yesterday...because he wouldn't have gotten the Happy Ending...that's for sure! 

Does anyone else suck at this???  Now I have this birthday coming up and I seriously have to do a better job...maybe I should just get rid of the Crazies for the day...any takers???

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Day Out With Thomas...seriously I didn't fuck this up (well, maybe one or two things, but my fuck-ups make you feel better about yourselves, right???).