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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas - by Matt

Mommy and Daddy bought tickets for this day way back in February.  You see, they got me all these trains for Christmas and I played with them for a while.  Then, right after they purchased these tickets, I stopped...hardly played with my trains at all.

Was it because I didn't like them?  Nope, I just like to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes.  Plus, excavators are pretty darn cool.

So, when this day came up, I wasn't sure about how I felt.  I liked Thomas, but he's not my number one priority anymore...I also really like Lightning McQueen.  My loyalties were split.  I tried to go into this day with an open mind though...after all, Mommy, Daddy, and even Hailey were really excited.  Who was I to ruin their experience, right?

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!

Let me tell you...this train was LONG!  Cool shot, huh?

This really made me question my love of trains...after all, this can't be good for the environment, right?

This is how I drove Mommy nuts..."What train, Mom?  I don't see any Thomas train!"

"Where?  Over here?  I still don't see it, Mom!"

"Mom, stop flipping out...I'm just teasin' you."

"I know that Thomas is right over THERE!!!"

Mommy got us these cool Engineer hats.  It kind of made me feel like an official part of the rails.

Mommy didn't "get" that I didn't want to take a picture at that particular moment in time...she's a little dense sometimes.

I'll take one with Daddy though...anything for my Dad...after all, I did ruin his Father's Day.

"CHOO! CHOO!  CHOO!!!!"  The coolest part about this was Mommy telling me to "get louder."  She never does that, but I guess it was okay since we were on a train.

Hailey and I played footsie while the train was moving.  She was pretty cool this day, so we didn't fight much.

Thomas, he's my number one...

The Man, The Legend, Thomas...his eyes moved back and forth too...I spent a good amount of the car ride home trying to move MY eyes back and forth, but my tongue kept coming out too...what's up with that?

Riding the much to see!

Family shot...again, wasn't feeling it.

At this point, all I wanted was lunch.

They had this cool play tent with arts and crafts, legos, train twacks, and all sorts of cool things.  This was a good way to end our day...playing before getting back in the car!  Whoever set this up is a GENIUS!
Thanks for "riding along" on my Day Out With Thomas.  I'm really hoping that we do this was awesome.  

Hailey will give her take on our day tomorrow...should be entertaining...she's a piece of work!