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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas - by Hailey

I don't know if you read my brother's rendition of our Day Out With Thomas, but I do believe I could do a much better job...I'm just sayin'...

When Mommy and Daddy told us that we were going to see Thomas, I think they expected Matt to be the more excited Crazy, but it was totally ME!  I was freaking out!  I don't know why...I thought I'd be getting a new outfit, but I did come out of it with a stylish new hat!  

Here were my most fun parts of the day (although we didn't take any pictures when we got soft serve ice cream after dinner...that was pretty awesome):

My first glimpse of Thomas...he looked pretty cool, clearly...

Neither of us were convinced that this "ride" was made for two kids.  It just didn't work!

My new chapeau...pretty sweet, huh?  It officially knocked me into Engineer status.

Waving to my fans...there were all there to see me, you know...

Me and my Daddy!

There were pretty flowers all over the place!  I loved these!

Me and my Mommy!  Everyone says she looks just like me...lucky girl!

I wonder if they have goldfish on every train ride.  If they do, that would be pretty cool!

Oh no!  A goldfish went down my shirt! 

We saw lots of this stuff.  Mommy said it was "wheat," whatever that is.  Sometimes I think she makes things up just so I'll stop asking questions.  She wouldn't do that, would she???

One of the rare moments that Matt isn't trying to beat the crap out of me!  He was actually being kind of cute!

Daddy was obsessed with this train.  He said it was a snowplow, but it didn't look like one to me.  Where's the old sweaty dude at the wheel smoking his "cancer sticks?"  Nope...I don't think it's a snow plow.

Look at all of the horses!!!  I loved them!

Family shot...that brother of mine...sheesh!  At least the rest of us look cute!

This tent was pretty cool.  They let us do "arts and crabs."  I stamped and played and built things.  I had a great day!