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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday - Pancake Wars

"Look!  Daddy made us Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast and I already took a bite!!!  These are really cool because Mommy doesn't know how to make them!"

"Do you see that?  The perfect bite!"

"I am really amazed at my jawline sometimes...seriously.  I must be one handsome dude to produce a bite as perfect as this."

"Wait a second...are you telling me that I just bit off Mickey's EAR???  That can't be!  I would never do that intentionally!!!  I feel horrible!!!"

"Please...a moment of silence to honor Mickey.  He didn't deserve this.  I'm a monster."

"I've got to put this down...I've lost my appetite.  Plus, who could eat at a time like this?"

"La la la...I love Mickey!  See?  My Mickey still has both of his ears!  Clearly, I'm the better Crazy because I'm not going to disfigure Mickey within 10 seconds of him hitting my plate!  What an animal you are, Matt!"

"Okay, Sister...laugh it up...I'm going to mutilate your Mickey pancake the minute you turn your head."

And this is how breakfast usually goes in my house!