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Monday, June 27, 2011

So, Yeah...People Annoy Me

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Makes My Monday - Sprinkler Sillies

So, the other day, Mommy couldn't take one more minute of this potty training madness.  Her blood pressure (whatever that is) was going through the roof, so she threw all of our big plans in the trash and decided to let us do this!

Can you believe she let us go outside NOODY???  Craziness!

Hailey tried to wave at the water until she realized that it was much more fun to drink it!  Nothing to worry about since Mommy brought our potties outside!  So much less stress...for ALL OF US!!

Ummm...this water is cold!  It's not like the bathtub (although I kept asking Mommy to make it like the bathtub...Mommies can do things like that, right?)

We took a quick siesta to warm up a bit...then right back to playing!

It was like having a bidet...whatever that is!

And, in true Crazy style, if we love something, we mount it...

This picture is just too ridiculous for words!

Another break for snacks and we were right back at it...we used so much water that our backyard turned into mud and we started to wear "mud boots."  Needless to say, we had to take real showers before we took our naps!

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