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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arts and Crabs

That's right...we treat craftiness like a sexually transmitted disease...apparently...

Well, not ME!  Hailey calls it "arts and crabs."  I would never do that!

So, we just doin' a little bit o' arts and crabs...I lub arts and crabs...

Wassa vampire?  I no look like a vampire!  I a pretty girl...

This is a girl that isn't afraid of the dreaded double chin in pictures.

All caps must go right on.  If you'll notice the only muscles she's using are her hand muscles (do those even exist?).  Her biceps are not flexing at all...her hands are going to be massive though.

Hey!  What's going on up here?

OMG...Mom, look...look how Matt's walkin'!  He tinks he's tough!

You mean, I'm not tough???  Daddy always tells me how tough I am...was that walk NOT intimidating???

Sooooooo, here's what we're doin' today...we're going to make these glue sticks really big and stick things to the table...o'kay?

Mom, whaddya mean we have to put the glue on da paper?  I wanna stick arts and crabs to da table!

Booooo!!!  Mommy's a party poopa!

Okay, so you do dis?  I want it bigger...make it that a guy thing?  Does that make me tough?

The one where he looks like my brother.

The one where he looks like Husband.

So, lesson learned...if you hate arts and crabs, do them much less stressful!  I think I'm finally starting to see the reason for my Seasonal Affective Disorder!!!  I love Vitamin D!