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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reason #976 that I'm Glad I Had a C-section

This peanut does NOT look happy!

I have no idea who to credit with this photo (or is it whom?)...I found it on newest timesuck.  Have I sucked anyone else into this?

I Totally Forgot To Tell You...

We went to our first movie! 

What else could we do after watching Cars 5,295,392,501 times?

It was our only option.

Husband got some deal for Fandango and was all set to take them and have a great time.

And then, out of nowhere, I decided to start potty training the Crazies...three days before our first movie experience.

That's what you get for not planning your potty training...unexpected obstacles.

We decided to put the Crazies in Pull-ups, but tell them that they were just like underwear and even if you peed in them, they probably wouldn't work (I am so screwed when they figure out that I am a compulsive liar...I seriously base my parenting on untruths).  We also brought along a potty and forced both of them to use it before we entered the theater.

I wanted to get there early to get an aisle seat in case of frequent potty breaks and that was a smart idea.

Here are some highlights:

  • Matt did not pee the entire time we were out of the house.  That includes a 20 minute car ride, 30 minute wait for the movie to start, 2 hour movie, 20 minute car ride back home.  The kid has a bladder like an elephant.

  • I'm sure because I didn't research "elephant bladder" on Google that some smart ass will tell me that an elephant actually has a really small bladder...that is just my luck.

  • Hailey had to break for the potty three times and actually went twice.

  • My highlight of her potty breaks was hanging Baby Girl on the hooks from her dress.  I don't know just made me laugh...silly hanging baby.

  • Those movie booster seats were a huge highlight for me.  I didn't even know they existed!  They were perfect for my skinny-ass children who could barely hold the seat down with their little legs...the seats did all of the work.

  • The girl at the counter was about to fill up my soda when she showed me a water-tower-sized cup (mine) and says, "do you want a large instead?"  My response was "what the hell is that?  You're telling me that isn't the large???"

  • That's right...clearly, I'm pushing 40 b/c no self-respecting young mother would publicly question the size of a movie soda...ugh.

  • Eating half the popcorn I bought for the Crazies (in my defense, I had no choice...they were much more interested in Husband's soft pretzels, of which we bought 4, to pay attention to my popcorn).

  • Yes, it does signal the Death of my Waistline...thank you very little.

  • Hailey asking if she could color 5 minutes before the movie much for a climactic ending.  You gotta work harder than that to satisfy Hailey.

  • Matt getting really excited at different parts, leaning over to one of us, and saying, "didja see dat???  didja see Lightning??"

  • Then Hailey responding with "yeah!  COOL!"

  • As soon as the movie ended, Matt said, "I wanna see it again...can I watch it again?"

  • He clearly doesn't get the difference between a theater movie and a DVD.

  • Walking out of the theater with our biggest "mishap" having been me almost dropping Matt's Lightning McQueen car down the entire length of the theater...I would have been so pissed if we had to stay back so I could find that damn thing.  Thank God my bag blocked this disaster (even if it did physically pain me to have the Kate Spade on a movie theater floor).
All in all, a great experience.
People have asked me what I thought about the movie itself.  Truth be told, I was at the potty a lot, so I might have missed some of the key concepts.  There was a lot more shooting, guns, and blowing stuff up than I was comfortable with given that I have an increasingly violent son in our midst.  That didn't thrill me to death...especially b/c the first one didn't have any of that (yes, I get that this movie may have been intended for more mature audiences, but still...guns and bombs in a G-rated movie?  Gah...there I go sounding like an old fogey again).

I missed Sally...where was she?  Is there still a love interest there?  I was really pulling for them (listen to me...I'm talking about a cartoon movie like it's The Bachelor).

I love Mator...glad to see more of the focus was on that dumb rusty old tow truck.

I heard some conspiracy theory (Mom) that the focus was on how Pixar wants us to use more alternative fuel and how the big oil companies are keeping their thumb on us not allowing us to better the environment...I didn't really get that, but I love those hippies...always something bigger than us happening, right?  The Man is out to get us...

Who else saw Cars 2?  What did you think?

Of course, I took pictures of the Crazies at the theater, but haven't been able to dump them off of whatever camera they are currently calling home, but I will soon...I have some camera dumping that needs to happen!