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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday - I'm in Love

I'm sitting downstairs with my laptop.  I talked Husband into going to get the Crazies this morning.

The sounds I hear are pure joy...Husband acting like a silly man and the Crazies laughing their heads off.  

I hear them begging for more of his antics and asking him questions and him taking care of their every need.

I know the love that is in that room.

If I go up, I'll disturb the balance, so I sit here and listen with joy in my heart.

Then he calls down to see if I can remind him how the Britney Spears song goes...Hailey's obsessed with it.

I know she's in his arms and they're dancing...I can hear it in her laughs.

"Do it again..."

And I know that he will.

I hear them choosing outfits today.

I hear Hailey say, "I so pretty" while Husband tells her that she's smart too...never wanting to leave that out.

Matt claims that he wants to do some "work in the basement" and tells his Daddy that he "can have the red screwdriver and I can have the gray screwdriver."

Then he asks to "raspberry" Hailey's belly...Husband helps talk her into it.  Too much for me to stand...

I am in love with all of them...