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Sunday, July 3, 2011

It All Started With Sausage & Peppers

I'm making sausage & peppers for dinner tomorrow night.
Have fun with that...we'll have grilled chicken.

Next day:

Mmmm...that smells good.
Thanks...maybe you'll even try some.
Doubt it.
That's not cool...this is part of our heritage.
So what?  It's gross.
It is not!  What are you going to do if we ever visit Italy?  Our homeland?
They make pizza there, right? did not even say you'd go to Italy and eat nothing but pizza, did you?  I'm holding a can't possibly be that dense!
Yeah...I'd eat pizza and you can eat all of that other crap.
It's not's food from your heritage.
It's gross.  What's in that sausage anyway?
It's natural and organic and awesome...not that you'll ever know.
What's in it?
Here's the package...I saved it b/c I knew you'd ask that question.
Hmmm...looks pretty good.  No additives.
So, you'll try some?'s gross.

This man drives me nuts sometimes.

So, I ate sausage and peppers by myself while they had grilled chicken...and it was awesome!

What new dish are you making this weekend?