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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You Know What I'm Really Sick Of???

Stupid people...they're everywhere.

It's like our planet is plagued with them and they all tend to get in my way.

  1. If I'm coming down the street and you're talking to someone whose car door is open and you're standing in the middle of the street, move the fuck out of the way.  Next time, I'm going to hit you.
  2. If my car is done, please don't make me come looking for it.  Come to the waiting room (where I've been patiently waiting with my 2 toddlers for over 1.5 hours) and let me know that it's time for me to leave.  I will be eternally in your debt.
  3. If you're my babysitter and you're scheduled to be here by noon, don't make me call your damn house at 11:30 to confirm only to be told that you're sick.  Give me a fucking break.  Strap on a pair and come over and watch my damn kids.  They'll be asleep for 2 hours anyway.  Please note the desperation in my voice and the fact that I've said "I'm desperate" three times and get your skinny little ass over to my house.
  4. If you're my first tutoring student (out of seven) and you send me an email the day before confirming our time, please fucking show up.  If you're not going to show up, at least call me, text me, or email me.  This "no-show" shit is beyond fucking ridiculous.  Oh yeah, and pick up your damn phone when I call you...especially if Husband has left work early to cover my shit-for-brains babysitter.
  5. If you're my contractor, and you call me, leave a fucking message.  I don't do this "if you see that I've called, call me back" shit with anyone, but my friend, J.  We have an understanding.  I do not have an understanding with you Mr. Contractor, so leave a damn message.  If not, it kind of makes you look like a stalker.

Can you believe this entire post was written BEFORE that Casey Anthony verdict came out?  That's right...more stupidity...I blame the prosecutor (shoulda gone for some manslaughter, dude...instead you went for the Full Monty)...oh, and the murdering mother...I blame her too.

Holy shit...I just got it...if I went to trial and got a jury of my peers, apparently most of my peers are complete idiots!  Clearly...just look at all of these morons around me right now (not you guys...or friends...or family...well, not most of my family) wonder this verdict came back the way it did!

No, no, no...that was a tangent I didn't want to Casey Anthony today...there's too much of it on FB!  Thank God I'm not on Twitter!!!

Thanks for reading my are my two questions for the day:
  • What was your most recent run-in with a stupid person?
  • What are you sick of?