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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks to Danifred for allowing me to do this every single really helps.

  • Yeah, so I attempted to have a perfectly rational conversation with a child whose head was inside a cardboard box as he repeatedly slammed himself against the wall.  What was I thinking???
  • My contractor is royally fucking up my timeline for vacation.  At this rate, we're going to be away for even longer and that kind of sucks.  It doesn't suck that I'll have more time in NY, but it does suck that we'll be away from Husband for that long.  He's pretty bummed about it and my contractor is seriously pissing me off.  He's a nice guy and I think hope he'll do nice work, but his communication is piss poor...he talks in circles and switches subjects every 12 seconds, so whenever Husband asks me, "so, what did he say?"  I want to burst into tears b/c I have NO IDEA what he said!

  • Judging from the noises emanating from Dog's stomach right now and the fact that she puked last night, I'd say this day is going to be very interesting.  Is it possible that the Milk Bones were bad?  We're sticking with the dog treats from the CSA from now on...that's right, our dog only has farm raised dog treats!  LOL

  • I know this might be cruel, but you know that porch light thing that went around FB for Caylee it mean to mention that my porch light is motion activated?  I'd be jumping in front of that thing for HOURS to get my point across!  I'm just not that committed!

  • Took my friend J out to sushi for her birthday.  I had a Group.on.  Our waitress was in a hurry to get out of there and totally fucked up our bill.  She ended up charging us $12.62 for four rolls of sushi, a Sopporo, and 2 glasses of wine.  She totally forgot to add the alcohol.  It was at that moment that I was glad that I wasn't her teacher!  We were loving life!

  • It's 7:14 AM and I already feel the day getting away from me!  Lovely!  Here's what I have:  spin, post office, pick up another present for Husband's b-day (the Crazies already gave him their presents...a monster truck and Princess stamp set...I will forever let them pick out their presents for him), get stitches out, lunch, naps, shower,  grocery store, bake birthday cake, dinner, eat birthday cake, baths, bed...crap, when am I going to pack!!??!!

  • Do you hate peeling potatoes?  Check out this video I found recently...brilliant.