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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Worst Fear Come True

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Can't be true...

The Crazies nap for like 2 hours every day...sometimes 2 and a half!

So, why in the world would they suddenly start skipping their nap?

That's spawn has morphed into Nap Skippers.

I am devastated...what do the Brits say?  Gutted?  I am gutted.

Yes, that sounds much more should have the visual of my lying outside of the bedroom door with my innards on the ground next to me.  There should be an air of desperation and torture.

Because that's how dramatic I am.

Friday they spent their naptime jumping in their cribs, laughing, screaming with giggles, and enjoying each other immensely.

I was in the fetal position in the shower.

Saturday, we were at MomMom's and PopPop's house, so that was all very exciting.  They were sleeping in the travel tents (which provide no containment whatsoever) and it was ugly.  They were running around the bedroom, jumping off the bed, laughing, playing games, throwing pillows...everything.  No sleep.

Sunday, we spent the morning in Cousin's pool and playing in their yard.  Matt could barely keep his eyes open on the 15 minute car ride home and jumped into his tent when we went upstairs.

And yet, they still spent the better part of an hour running, playing, and jumping.  That is until I threatened to separate them.  At that point, Hailey lost her shit and started SCREAMING her head off...I'm pretty sure she fell asleep screaming.  

Poor Matt, right?  He always gets dubbed as the ring leader, but it's definitely Hailey this time.

So, can I call this "the end of an era?"  I hope not...I really enjoy this era.  After all, I use naptime to shower my gym stank off, watch Days, catch up on emails, make phone calls (not social calls either...I have no friends...I call important people to hold my life together...doctors, contractors, hair dressers), clean, regain my sanity, fold laundry...ya know, the stuff regular people do.  The stuff that people whose children didn't turn to the Dark Side are still doing...I envy those people.

I am going to try to institute Quiet's hard with these tents though.  Tomorrow, we leave for G.G.'s house where I was going to try to get them to sleep on mattresses in preparation for toddler beds, but geez...won't that just seem like one HUGE trampoline???  Of course this happens when I'm on vacation and have no real good way of containing the madness, right?
Ya want to know the worst part?  The other day, Husband mentioned how well the Crazies had been sleeping...I almost jumped down his throat screaming "JINX!  JINX!!  DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!  YOU'RE GOING TO JINX IT!"  

It was too late.
It had been said out loud.

And clearly, I was right.