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Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick Updates

  • We made it to Long Island...yes, that deserves its own bullet as I am traveling over 2 hours (and three states) alone for the very first time ever in my life with the Crazies.
  • I had a great visit today with friends from long ago...high school...yes, that's long ago for me.
  • There were triplets (9 months old), twins (6 weeks old), and the Crazies (almost 3).  It was a great visit...incredible to see that many babies in one place!
  • After that, one of my great friends saved me by giving the Crazies a decent lunch...also letting them out of the car for an hour or so.
  • Hailey fell right to sleep in the car.
  • Matt stayed awake and talked about all the "cool things" he was seeing...including a large piece of wood hitting out windshield, a few close "crashes," and Mommy taking him over several bridges...and he "loves bridges."  Especially the George Washington and Throgs Neck apparently...he's a big fan.
  • There was NO TRAFFIC on the LIE...yes, that deserves its own bullet as well.
  • We got to G.G.'s, unpacked the car, got in our suits, and dove right into the pool...we earned it!
  • We had raviolis for dinner, skipped baths, and were put to bed on just mattresses (with rolled up towels under the on the edge) beds...what's up with that?  Oh, and by "we," I mean the Crazies...I (Mommy) will sleep on a regular a big girl...God willing!
  • Pray for good sleep for me tonight...last night was a nightmare b/c Captain Shitpants feels the need to hold his crap until nighttime rather than go on the potty...thus creating horrific night terrors b/c who wants his ass wiped when he's half asleep?...seriously, that logic escapes me.
  • We miss Daddy...
  • I'm going to try to keep up on blogs for the next two weeks, but something tells me I'll fall behind.  With no possibility of getting up earlier than the Crazies (that's right...G.G. doesn't have blinds on her windows...WTF?), no naps, and no Husband, I'm screwed for alone time.  I've already deleted posts from the home design blogs...ugh!