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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ummm...What the What?

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If I Were Anywhere Else, I'd Be Losing My Mind Too

Does that title even make sense?

Probably not.

Sleep deprivation is slowly taking over.
To top off the Crazies having fevers, nightmares, and scootching themselves all over GG's bedroom at night, the neighbors had a Sweet Sixteen party last night...on a Sunday night...well past midnight.

Apparently sixteen year olds have no idea how loud they are.

Ahhh...I remember the days.  Now I could probably accurately measure your decibel level without fancy equipment.

The thing is, I can't complain too much b/c if I were at home, I'd be losing my fucking MIND!!!

Here's what is happening at home:

  • We planned our pilgrimage to NY around the contractor coming to redo our kitchen.
  • Then he says he'll be starting late.
  • So, I bitch about it and it doesn't matter b/c contractors have you by the cojones, ya know?
  • So, we decide it's better for me to stay longer in NY rather than be in the midst of construction.
  • This leads to me canceling all of my tutoring for that week ($420, say "bye-bye") and remain in NY.
  • Husband spends all weekend cleaning out dining room cabinets, kitchen cabinets, pantry, and everything else that needed to be done to prepare for the shitstorm that is about to overtake our house.
  • H.D. calls him to let him know that the appliances will be delivered today between 10 and 2.
  • Wife thinks, "wow, a 4 hour window...who could fuck that up?"
  • Stupid stupid stupid jinx I am.
  • Husband calls Contractor to confirm that he'll be here Monday morning.
  • Contractor says that it will depend on the cabinets being delivered, but that he "didn't see a problem with it."
  • That statement oddly resonates in Wife's head as false hope.
  • Now it's Monday morning...Husband is waiting for Contractor to show up.  If Contractor shows up, Husband doesn't have to miss and entire day of work waiting for appliances b/c Contractor can receive them.
  • It's 8:30 and he hears nothing.
  • Husband calls Contractor again (is anyone noticing that we're calling him a lot more than he's calling us?) and Contractor tells him that the cabinets aren't there and that they're going to start tomorrow.
  • Husband constructively critiques Contractor's communication skills.
  • Husband seethes.
  • Husband decides to take frustrations out on disconnecting dishwasher since they'll have to take it away anyway.
  • Husband finds that wires are fried and is thankful that we haven't burned our house down to the ground.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • At 2:30, Husband calls H.D. and is repeatedly hung up on when transferred.
  • Husband blames his phone.
  • It's not Phone's fault, but we do need to get new phones.
  • Husband finally gets in touch with someone who tells him that they'll be there in 30 minutes.
  • Husband texts Wife to let her know that Contractor swore that the granite will be in by the end of the week...hard to believe when they're not coming to measure until Wednesday.  I'll bet the granite dude can walk on water too, right?
  • Husband predicts that although Contractor swore to have this job done by Friday, it will probably go into next week.
  • Wife has slight breakdown in the corner in the fetal position.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Husband waits for appliances.
  • Appliances finally get there...1.5 hours late.
  • Husband has now missed his entire day of work.
  • Wife wishes she could be there to help, but is kind of glad she's not...she'd just make it worse with her ranting, crying, and threatening.
  • Wife tries to console Husband...empty words as she realizes we're in this alone...we can trust no one.
  • Husband texts that H.D. delivery is there and jokes about hoping that they're the right color.
  • Wife finds this mildly amusing as the wrong color is a very scary possibility after this freakshow that we're calling a "project."
  • Husband texts picture of new appliances.
  • They're beautiful, but why are they in my living room?

I feel so bad for Husband...this shit is ridiculous and we haven't even started yet!!!  All I can say is that his work had better be flawless.

So, as I'm sitting here in GG's house with moderate to severe sleep deprivation, an inexplicable sore throat, a horribly behaved son, Crazies that won't nap, and no coffee maker, I realize that I have no room to, I won't, but I WILL tell you everything that Husband is dealing with (which is not at all the same thing as complaining)!