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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Living Out of Paper Bags

Head on over to our lovely hostess, Danifred, and give her some love if for no other reason than she's life...breeding...incubating...feeling miserable...

  • So, our kitchen is ongoing.
  • Husband said that we should go to the mall today as the guys were still working and it was going to be like a bazillion degrees here today.
  • Plus, Matt was still getting over his weird sickness.
  • The kid gacks when he swallows and it's so gross/annoying.
  • Then he asks for orange medicine...which must be so much more effective than the purple medicine which he now refuses to take.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you're told to go shopping, it's hard to find anything, but when you really don't have the money, you find everything you've ever needed from the beginning of time?
  • Yup...that kind of sucks.
  • We spent a small fortune at the Disney store though...what can I say?  I am super proud of them for dealing with our looooooooong car ride yesterday and for not throwing a fit when I ripped them from their home once again.  I don't suffer the Mom Guilt a lot, but I think we all wanted to just stay home in our jammies today.
  • Wait...this was supposed to be about the kitchen, right?  Okay, so we have cabinets and a new stove.  What's missing is a microwave, countertops, dishwasher, and sink...kind of important.  What's lovely is how much more storage we seem to have.  My mind can't stop pre-organizing.
  • So much so that I had to purchase these canisters* from Williams-Sonoma today...great price too, right?  I'm betting that they were so impressed with the fact that I was able to wrangle a double stroller through all of their baskets of "goodies," and pot handles sticking out that they gave me a discount.
  • What???  Wouldn't YOU give me a discount???
  • Bad Word Moment:  The other day I asked Matt if he wanted ham or turkey on his sandwich.  His reply?  "Fuckey."  He totally got sent to time-out and then I peed my pants laughing.
  • Once we got back from the mall, the guys were still working, so we went upstairs to check out our new Disney goods.  I had to venture down to get Hailey's potty and totally almost walked in on the one dude peeing in our half bath...awkward.
  • Once they left, the Crazies actually napped...SALVATION!!!
  • Then I had to wake them up from their naps (TORTURE) because Matt had a haircut appointment.  Well, this kid threw such a fit that I ended up shoving his shoes on and carrying him SCREAMING across the front lawn to the car b/c he was so out of control.
  • Once on the road, he calmed down a little until Hailey pointed out an excavator that he missed and then said, "Sorry, missed it."  He wigged out again...sigh...
  • Dinner was hibachi where Hailey's little heart was broken b/c the dude didn't throw a shrimp in her direction.  Seriously...I hate that part of hibachi.  Well, I hate a lot of hibachi...the eyelash singeing fire, the awkward laughter at the egg in the chef's hat, the throwing food in my direction and inevitably staining my shirt b/c who the fuck can perfect that skill, anyway, right?  Oops...sorry...poor Hailey.
  • They are happy to be home.  Husband is happy to have us home.  All is right with the world...except the fact that I can't find a damn thing.  By next week, this will all be over, right??  RIGHT???

*  Yes, there was supposed to be a link, but they're not on the website, so I'll just take a picture when everything is done...dur...


Dear Lady-that-felt-the-pressing-need-to-wait-for-my-parking-space-today,

I'd like to start off with "fuck you."

I'll follow by telling you that I wasn't the only one throwing that sentiment in your direction as you were holding up all of the traffic entering the parking garage and sending the cars that had to go around you in the direction of the Crazies' stroller.  They didn't look too happy with you either.

Upon hearing that I had two kids and several packages to put away, a typical response wouldn't be "that's okay...I'll wait."  You're a dumbass.

When I started having a very difficult time putting my stroller in b/c my trunk isn't completely cleaned out from my trip, you shouldn't have yelled, "you want any help?"  You should have driven away and stopped staring at my completely spazzy sweaty breakdown...

I'm just glad I didn't rush on your account.  It was hot enough to begin with.  

In closing, you suck ass.

Sincerely, Rebecca