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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Please, Get the Fuck Out of My House


You're sick of me complaining about my kitchen?

You think I'm being a baby because in the end I'll have a new kitchen and that's nothing to complain about?

Hmmm...I see your point, but I'm going to complain anyway.
I am OVER having men in my house.

15 years ago, this wouldn't have been a problem...I liked men...lots of them! 

Now?  It's just annoying and I want my space back.

I'm hoping today is the last day.

If Contractor is sick of fixing the things that we're finding, then he should stop fucking it right the first time.

I did dishes last night and the faucet leaked...what the what?

Is this Amateur Hour?

Then the granite around the faucet turned color.

That ain't good, right?

It went back to normal color once it dried, but I'm kinda thinking this is an issue.

I'm sure I'll get an exasperated sigh when I mention it.

I'm sure he'll try to tell me that it's normal.

I'm sure that he'll try to explain to me that I just didn't use the faucet correctly (ya know, because I'm such a fucking idiot).

At which point, I will freak.

Then, I'll drag the Crazies out of their home for yet another day and find something "fun" for them to do.  

Yesterday, we went to the pool after my workout.  Hailey busted her lip and it swelled like nothing I've ever seen...a popsicle fixed that.  Not to be outdone, Matt slid on a slippery part of the pool and totally wiped out...he cut the top of his foot.  Who cuts the top of their foot???

After everyone was settled down with a little ice cream (note to self:  don't buy the push-up ice creams anymore, the Crazies have NO IDEA how to use them and they're just a lot of work for YOU), we went back out to the pool where Hailey proceeded to stand on the edge and whine, "I wanna go home...I wanna eat lunch at home...I wanna lay on the floor in my room and color with my markers...I wanna go home right now."  So, I hugged her...what else could I do?  She almost made ME cry!  I wanna go home toooooo!!!

She also cried when I dropped her off at Kids' Zone...that hasn't happened since they were 8 months old!

So, I'm saying, get the fuck out of my house...finish up, make it right, take your shit, and get out of my house.  I need my space back.  I need to put things in my cabinets.  I need to allow my children to play with their toys.  I need a morning where I'm not eating at Panera.

That's right...I'm sick of eating out too...never thought I'd say that.

I miss my routine.  I miss the order that is created in my house.  I miss the luxury of making coffee in my kitchen and not my living room.

On an up note, it is looking beautiful (I know...looks aren't everything, but I'm a girlie girl at's PRETTY and SHINY, so it wins my heart).  

I'm sure that Contractor thought this was going to be an easier job than it's turned out to be.  He didn't count on Husband knowing what he was talking about and being able to pick out a mistake from the front door.  He didn't count on us being the kind of people that would ask him to redo things and to do them right.  He didn't realize that we weren't as laid back as he thought.  

Oh, and then he loudly called my name up the stairs yesterday while the Crazies were one does that...get the fuck out of my house.