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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Welcome Back, Normalcy

Thanks to Danifred for hosting!

  • Yes, that's right...we're mostly back to normalcy.
  • I know...the word "normal" is used way too loosely around this house.
  • We have all of our creature comforts back and we were even able to eat lunch at home today rather than the pool.
  • It was lovely.
  • Matt actually said, "Mommy, I love our home."
  • Hailey whined about her "booboo on the pinky toe."
  • Seriously...the booboo is ridiculously small for all this fuss.
  • We had dinner at home too...will wonders never cease.
  • I had to throw a ton of produce out because the Dudes were here for so long...we just weren't able to cook it all.  It broke my heart...especially the hot peppers from the farm.
  • Everything is lovely...well, mostly everything.
  • There are a few things that need to be completed and Contractor is coming back on Sunday.
  • He asked about tomorrow and I said, "No, we need the day off."
  • Seriously!  I DO need a day off.
  • For a great as the Crazies were all week, today they teamed up and beat the living shit out of me.
  • I'm talking public tantrums, refusal to walk to the car, hitting me in the face with a swimmie (which now is a pretty funny visual), peeing all over our dining room chair, screaming all the way through the gym, fighting me over car seats, and talking back like I have never seen.  We're in for some definite retraining next week...just in time to go away for vacation.
  • Things aren't slowing down week is insane too.
  • I will post pictures...I only now found my camera and we got back over a week ago.
  • Anyone else want to see the movie Crazy Stupid Love?
  • To sum up:  kitchen is almost done, Crazies are crazy, and I still love wine...all is right with the world.