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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Somethings

  • We're going to this restaurant tonight to celebrate our anniversary.  I can't freaking wait b/c the food sounds amazing, but who in the world thought it was a good idea to take pictures of the chef with livestock...isn't that the shit he's going to kill to make my meal???  Is that really so appetizing???  Anyway, I can't wait and I get to get dressed up...if only we had a driver and could get a little shitty.
  • My friend, J, is babysitting for us...we share the same anniversary weekend, so it all works out since I watched her kids last night.  
  • Her kids are so well behaved...she's in for it tonight.
  • Husband told me that our kids argued in bed last night for a good 20 minutes over who was "da bomb."
  • Hailey drew her first picture of me complete with eyes, a nose, cheeks, and hair.  I wanted to cry.  I'm framing it.
  • My finger had a run-in with a slicer last night as I was preparing zucchini for hurts so bad and I just can't believe I did it.  At least I didn't get blood on my new kitchen!  LOL
  • As we're reorganizing the kitchen, we're finding it amazing to realize how much crap you actually DON'T need on your counters.
  • The Crazies slept through the night for the past was awesome.  For the past two nights, they're waking up again.  What gives?
  • Hailey has had more accidents in the last few days than ever...I hope this whole kitchen thing didn't make her regress.
  • Contractor isn't quite finished with the kitchen...he's coming back today to finish some things up.  I wonder if he'll appreciate the list we've put together for him.
What are you up to on this fine Sunday morning?