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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Little Things

We have a ton of toys in our house.

I'm not bragging...I'm complaining.

There are too many.  Sometimes it's overwhelming b/c the Crazies can't decide what to play with.

So, I tell them what to play with and where's the fun in that?

After the kitchen was all done and over with, we had some cleaning to do.

We spent all of Saturday at home and it was heavenly.

At the end of the day, we needed to vacuum the floors.

The Crazies think this is something we do for them and not because of them.

They see the vacuum as a great source of enjoyment, fear, panic, and fun all rolled into one beautiful machine.

As soon as it comes out of the closet, they start grinning like idiots.

Then they both head for the couch as fast as possible.

Then they start laughing and screaming for us to get started.

The minute we start pushing the thing, they'd running back and forth between the kitchen and the couch...laughing their little blonde heads off.

They taunt us with "vacuum my feet" and "don't get me!"

They run faster than I thought possible.

They slam their little bodies into the side of the couch and scramble to help each other to "safety" before they get vacuumed.

They scream "come on...I rescue you" and "don't get vacuumed up!"

It's hysterical.

This week, the fun was brought to another level.  Husband let the vacuum run for a while to get some shelves clean with the hose.

The Crazies would run to the body of the vacuum, dip their heads toward it just to feel the air on their hair, and then keep running.

They circled the house about 60 times while Husband and I stood in the kitchen and talked about things.

They were having such a good time and I finally had to ask..."what are you doing with your hair?"

Only to be answered with "I showering!"

Of course...why didn't I realize that?

So, it's the little things...the games they make up...the rules that only they know...the decisions that lead to me taking pictures of Matt "mowing the lawn" in his underwear...these are the things I want to remember.

And so I blog.