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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Listening In

Yesterday morning, the Crazies were up in their room hanging out.

Husband had released them from their cribs and they were under their blankets, talking and reading.

I know none of this firsthand as I wasn't invited to their little party.  Daddy was privy to all the details while I stayed downstairs, all alone.

Here are some of the things I heard:

"I love dis book."

"I sorry...I no mean to do dat."

"Watch your head on da okay?"

"Show me dat."

"Read me dat story, please."

"You wanna play wit me?"

"Heyyyyyy...dat not nice!"

"You wanna have Mickey?"

"Dis is the best excavator."

I've also been eavesdropping on their conversations at night.  Sometimes they stay up for 45 minutes just talking about their day, what they're going to do the next day, and making pretend phone calls.
"Ummm...yeah...I need a appointment.  Yeah, okay, bye."

"You sick?"

"Nope...just hafta see da doctor real quick."

" shots?"

"Not dis time!"

Sometimes I'll hear them discussing their impending birthday party.  There is a catalog we got in the mail last week and Hailey is obsessed with it.  She picked out her "Princess Party" while Matt wavers between "Cars" and "Construction."  The catalog needs to go to bed with them every night and it needs to be put on the floor in the middle of the two cribs half open to Princesses and half open to Construction.

"I havin a Princess Party in August."

"No, construction wit bulldozers and excavators..."

"Oh, okay...we have it together."

"Yeah!  And I havin a Cars cake...a BIG one!"

"I havin a Princess cake and Cindanella is comin to my pahty."

So, there you have it.  A few random musings from the Crazies' conversations.  I have to say that I really love how they've been communicating with each other lately.  Their exchanges are hysterical sometimes and ridiculous other times.  Their nighttime "arguments" are completely absurd.  The information they feel the need to share with each other is just so huge in their minds.  I love to see the development and what's important in their little lives.

Oh, and "Cindanella" is not coming to Hailey's birthday party...hate to burst that bubble.

One more is my 1000th post.  It seems I've had a bit to say over the past 4-ish years!