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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cute Kitchen Saturday

Enough with these cute kids, right?

So, here you have it.  New cabinets, new appliances, new counters.  I'm in love with this kitchen now.  We have so much more storage and the counters are lovely.  The one thing that surprised me was having a metal interior for my know how we were always warned against putting metal in the microwave oven?  Guess that's just not an issue anymore, huh?*

Instead of storing food in our pantry, we've decided to store other things in there...mixers, food processors, drinks, etc.  It just made sense for us not to have our food across the room.  Oh, and since this picture was taken, Dingleberry, our contractor, did put the handle on this door.

Our kitchen sink is no longer divided and is very deep.  We also have a garbage disposal.  This is my first time with a garbage disposal, so I don't know the 'rules.'  I'm hoping I don't break the damn thing.  The new dishwasher is lovely and quiet.  What would you do above this window?  Art?  Words?  Curtain?  Valance?

This section is my most favoritest part.  We used to have a dinky Target cabinet here for pots and pans and, while we still store pots and pans in here, it's also become my coffee corner.  I love it and the cabinet above too.  While I haven't yet put cute things in this cabinet, I will.

So, there you have it.  All that worry and inconvenience and a nice, new, bright, shiny kitchen!

* I am not a microwave expert, so don't go putting metal in your microwave...I have no idea if this rule still applies or not.