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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - The "I Stopped Caring" Edition

Thanks to Danifred for hosting!

This week, while vacationing in the OBX, there were several things that I simply stopped caring about.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • Whether or not I was tanning evenly.
  • How long my walk was and when I needed to be back.
  • Where I was in relation to where I needed to be.
  • If I was getting too much sand in my bathing suit.
  • When we were going to eat lunch.
  • What time to wake up.
  • Whether or not I was sucking in my stomach.
  • If the Crazies were too tired.
  • What day it was.
  • Even bringing Kindle down to the beach.
  • If my feet got wet.
  • If the hole we dug was too deep.
  • How loud we were laughing.
  • Whether or not the Crazies took a bath on any particular day.
  • When school started and what needed to be done for it.
  • What to wear.
  • Whether or not I had makeup on.
  • Where the car keys were (because I started putting them in the same place every time...dur).
  • If I drank too many cups of coffee.
  • What time we should crack our "morning beach beer."
  • That the main snack of choice was nothing close to nutritional (holla, Cheetos!!!).
  • If there were dishes in the sink.
  • That my knees were skinned from spending too much time digging in the sand.
  • Whether or not I could see (or breathe) while just focusing on the fact that I didn't let go of Hailey when we got smacked by that wave...and the other one...and the one after that.
  • How long the Crazies napped.
  • Getting souvenirs (okay, I got a few, but I wasn't obsessed with it).
  • Who was having too much of a good time naked...over the air conditioning vent...haha...good times (and it wasn't me)!
  • Watching the sunrise (where did I ever get such a silly idea?  Did I not know how early the sun rises?).
  • What we needed to do for the Crazies' you believe it's next week?  Thank God Husband had the wherewithal to worry about this.  Everything is done except the cakes...we finished paper goods, decorations, and gifts one night in about 30 minutes.
  • What was happening in the world.
  • Who wasn't answering my emails.
  • What time my tutoring was next week.
  • Whether or not I had babysitters.
  • If it was too late in the day to make a cup of coffee.
  • Whether or not EJ had killed Brady...LOL...Danifred, that one is for you as you may be the only other person reading who will immediately know who those two are!
  • What's happening on Big Brother.
  • If Matt's ass crack was hanging out.
  • If Hailey's hair was brushed.
  • Who was going to get hurt from them running around like maniacs...with a small space.  It was inevitable, so why care about it?
  • How to decorate the kitchen.
  • The number of times I read my favorite beach book.
  • What we needed to do next.

What have you stopped caring about this week?  You don't need to take a vacation to give your mind a rest, you know...

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