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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Hailey

Oh, my sweet girl...what can I possibly say about the past year except I love you more every day I get to spend with you.  You are becoming a smart, funny, thoughtful girl and I am so lucky to watch this happen.

Your favorite color is pink, but you'll take purple in a pinch.
You have become obsessed with Disney princesses...obsessed.
Your ability as an artist has improved drastically.  You created your first picture of me complete with eyes, cheeks, hair, and a mouth.  I was very impressed.
You sleep with more "pals" than I can handle, but you must have your Kitty Cat, Slush, and Loddy. 
You typically sleep with your pals piled up on top of you or flat out on your stomach with  nothing on top of you.
You love school.
You started dance class this year and love that too.  Your recital was the cutest thing I ever saw.
You hate being sent to time-out.
You love Brie.
Your favorite foods are snacks and your least favorite foods are vegetables, but you're getting better with that.
You're doing very well with potty training and love your Princess underwear.
The theme for your birthday party this year is Disney Princesses and you're convinced that Cinderella will be at your party and that the princesses are baking your cake.
Every now and then, you'll take a towel, spread it out on the floor, and pretend you and your pals are eating at Panera.  It's seriously adorable.
You are getting better at playing and sharing with your brother.  I love when you're reading a book together because you have actual conversations about the storyline and characters.  It's awesome.
When we go to the park, you love the swings and the "woop-de-woop" slide.
In the past year, you have traveled to Orlando, Ocean City, Philadelphia, New York, Outer Banks, and're quite the jet-setter.
One of your favorite events this year was visiting the aquarium and you tell me every day that you want to go back to the beach.
You allowed me to put piggy-tails in your hair for a while, but now, you won't tolerate it.
You're obsessed with "dressies" and want to wear one every day.
You remember all of your friends' mothers.
Your favorite movie is Tangled.
When you get mad, it's ugly, but you tend to come out of it pretty quickly.

I can't wait to see how you're going to develop this year.  Having you in my days makes me smile all the time.  I love you, my sweet Hailey...always and forever.

Love, Mommy

Dear Matt,

Ah, my funny make me laugh every single day.  I am loving watching you grow up into a sensitive, rambunctious, hysterical little boy.  Here are some of the things going on in your life right now...

Your favorite color is love orange...anything orange.
Your favorite shirt varies from your orange Cars shirt to your orange "excabator" shirt.
You don't really like wearing shoes.
You love trucks of any, tractors, cranes, dump trucks, but especially garbage trucks.
If you are in the middle of a tantrum, sometimes the only thing that will calm you down is hearing the garbage truck come down the street.
When you jump into the pool, you go completely've recently learned how to belly if you would do it in water that is deeper than 6 inches!
You sleep with Louie and Mickey every night...Louie tucks Mickey in and the tag has to be near your face.
You also believe that Louie has special powers that can make people feel better or stop hurting.
The theme for your birthday party is construction.
Lining things up is one of your favorite line up your trucks, books, shells from the beach, and anything else you can find!
You get really upset if anyone messes up your lines.
Whenever I ask you "why were you put in time-out?" your first answer is ALWAYS "I hit Hailey."  You say it even if your time-out has nothing to do with makes me laugh every time, but I don't show it b/c I'm too busy acting tough.
You eat everything...and quickly too.  The other day I cut your grapes up...nine of then proceeded to shove them in your mouth all at one time.  I was freaking out because I thought you were going to choke, but you're remarkably controlled when swallowing!
This year you met Goofy, Donald, Minnie, Thomas, and Santa.
You visited Orlando, North Carolina, Ocean City, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.  You like traveling, but much prefer your own house.
Whenever Dad wears his Phillies hat, you need to wear yours...even though we both know that you're a Yankees fan deep down.
Whenever Hailey is upset, you stop what you're doing to make sure she's okay...that's pretty awesome.
When we go to the park, you love to run around...that's all you do is run around.  You also love to run the bases with Daddy...that's fun to do!
In the morning, when I get your clothes out, you always have to lay them out and talk about your outfit.
You love to read...every day.

As you get older, it's incredible to see how much you care when others are hurt or upset.  I'm so lucky that I'm going to be able to watch this bloom in you and that you're going to be able to make people feel better.  You seem pretty rough-and-tumble on the outside, but I think you're a softy deep down.  

I love you, 


Dear Crazies,

Holy crap, you're three...

Love, Mom

P.S. - I'll be back with a more loving post later on...for now, check out our Septembers over here!