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Sunday, August 21, 2011

OBX Photo Dump 4

So, we visited the largest existing sand dune on the East Coast...and climbed all the way to the top.  See all of those little dots behind the Crazies?  Yup...they're people.

Some of us walked all the way up...cute little trooper.

Some of us were carried because the sand was "burning da feet."

It was a tad windy at the top of the dune, but it was pretty awesome up there...until the Crazies started realizing that the wind was blowing the sand right into their precious little legs...and it felt like millions of little razor blades.  So, we began our descent.

A couple of red faces were witnessed as a result of working so hard to get up and down the dune...honestly?  I have no idea why Hailey's face was so red...she really didn't do much!

I had to take a picture on the way out because I kept forgetting the name of the place!

Later that afternoon, we visited a local park.  Mickey and Matt took a ride down the slide.

Hailey wasn't as adventurous, but Kitty Cat made her way it or not!

The Crazies tried their hand at the monkey bars.  See that?  One hand...literally.

I think Hailey is going to rock these someday.

We took a walk along a boardwalk and found some nature...Matt was in love with these flowers because they were orange...his favorite color!

Then we ate dinner at a restaurant that was much nicer than expected, endured stares from people who were dreading having to share their meals with ill-behaved toddlers, showed those people that we were well-behaved toddlers with the ability to eat a lightning speed, and drove home to take pictures of the sunset over the it!