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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Crazies Third Birthday Party (our first friends party)

1.  "Hailey, what's with that face?"
2.  "Hey!  This party stuff is FUN!"
3.  "Yup...just me and my boys throwing back some candy...this is the life."

1.  "I don't know if I want to go hair looks so pretty and my tutu is so fluffy...why ruin perfection?"
2.  Contemplation.
3.  When Daddy gets involved and throws Hailey in the fountains, there's no arguing.
4.  "My party is so fun!"

1.  "I will bam the fountains and then they will not go in my face...there's logic for you, huh?"
2.  Happy Birthday Boy.
3.  The Mayor, making sure everyone else is having a good time...nice gut, right?  I love it.
4.  Daddy did this to the majority of the kids at the birthday party...he's our hero.

The slide pictures I've wanted all Summer, but didn't get because I was too chicken to bring my good camera to the pool!

Hailey happy with her Cinderella cake and Matt overseeing the lighting of his candles because if this dude melts one of those construction vehicles, he's going to flip.

Blowing out the candles...making wishes...

And, of course, getting all dirty as we eat the icing off of the cupcakes! 
(BTW, best idea in the world...ask you bakery if they can make the "cakescape" on top of cutting and every kid feels like they're getting their very own cake...easy peasy!"