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Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Randomness

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  • Let me be the first to say (haha...yeah right) that this hurricane is really messing with my life.  We had lots planned for this weekend and now I don't know if any of it is going to happen...silly weather patterns.

  • I got my hair cut last night...I walk into that salon and I feel at peace.  I am there to take care of myself and nothing will stand in my way.  It's 45-60 minutes of doing something for me every 7-8 weeks.  So, I sit down and start to zone out.  All of the sudden, a lady sits down next to me and starts singing the song that is on the sound system...right.out.loud.  It was a good song, so I figured "maybe she just can't help's a good song."  Then the song ended.  I was hoping to return to my zen place.  Then she starts singing THAT song way was it a happy accident...the song was "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Plant.  That's when she turned into an annoying bitch.

  • This week, I feel that I've been doing more striving to make it to nap time than actually enjoying my children.  That makes me feel horrible and like I'm a shitty mother.

  • I made a mistake this week...a small mistake, but completely out-of-character for me.  It turned out to be okay, but I seriously panicked and freaked out.  I hate making mistakes.

  • I have been making an attempt to dress nicer when I leave the just makes me feel better.  I just wish everyone else would do it too...I'm sick of looking at "blah."

  • I have to write the Crazies' thank you notes for their birthday presents...ask me if I have any clue where I put the list.

  • I want to bake bread so badly this weekend...a recipe that I've been holding on to, but we have so much damn bread in this house that it makes me want to vomit...and I don't even like bread.  It's too dough-y.

  • Speaking of baking, I love aprons...I wear a Vera Bradley one all the time and I really can't stand Miss Vera.  I need them to cover my tatas though b/c I'm a messy cook.  Is it weird that I adore aprons? 

  • Matt has been giving me a hell of a time going down for naps.  I'm thinking it might be correlated to whether or not I'm going to be there when he gets up, but we'll figure that out this afternoon.  He's woken up to Babysitter or Husband 3 out of 4 afternoons this week.  We'll see...he's been REALLY bad though.

  • I've realized that one of the characteristics of 3-years olds is that they're total wiseasses.

  • They also like to tell me what to do...that goes over really big in my house.

  • I hate power struggles...they just seem so fruitless when it's clear, from the beginning, that I'm going to win.

  • I need a mudroom...I'm a bag lady...I have a pool bag, a tutoring bag, a gym bag, a yoga bag, a "returns" bag...I need a mudroom.  It's as simple as that.  Currently they're all piled up in my living room.  I'm not very happy with that situation.

  • The Crazies took ALL of their toys out of the living room and brought them to "Parerra" (a.k.a. Brie's pillow)...what a freaking mess.  They were pretty impressed with themselves though.  I wouldn't say "impressed" was the word for my reaction though.
Left:  What they were able to amass in a short time.
Right:  The retreat...their new desks wouldn't fit.

  • I think I use the multiple exclamation points too much - "!!!"  How annoying, right?  I also use this a lot - "..." just because what I'm saying really never wants to end.  A period just seems so final.

  • Two more things and then I'm are two seriously interesting articles:
  1. In Defense of Dining with Children - a reaction to the ban on younger diners.
  2. A Long Summer for 'Weary Tiger' Mothers - one woman's thoughts on how tired summers make her...trying to turn her children into reading it.