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Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Irene...You're a Tricky Bitch

We survived.


Here's how it went:

Friday - hype, hype, hype, run for your lives, hype, hype, getting a little nervous...wondering if I should start watching the news (all the hype was from Husband...he's a total weather dork, but where would I be without him telling me exactly where the storm was at 2:11 PM, 2:12 PM, 2:14 PM, etc).

Saturday - calm before the storm.  I had a Stella & Dot Trunk Show and Husband agreed to take the Crazies to the library to get them out of the house for a bit.  Arrived home just in time for naps...woohoo!  After naps, it definitely started to get a tad windy and the rain started.  By the time we were ready for baths, the wind was hawking and the rain wasn't stopping.  Talked about how happy they canceled the Yankees/Orioles game for which we had tickets.  By the time Husband and I went to bed, the rain was pelting the side of our house like crazy and I couldn't help but map out which rooms the trees would take out if the fell on the house...quickly followed by a dreadful feeling that we should have slept downstairs...away from the falling trees.  Follow this by interrupted sleep wonder if we made a horrible mistake and where my deck furniture would end up.

Sunday - wake up, assess damage, talk about how much not sleeping sucked, drink lots of coffee, marvel at the fact that we didn't lose power completely (as many around us had).  Have a slow easy morning and get some stuff done around the house.  I started cleaning my closet to avoid writing the Crazies' birthday thank you notes and ended up actually cleaning my closet...go figure.  Husband went to the gym during naptime and the cable was spotty, so I read.  When the Crazies woke up, we picked up sticks out front for a while.  Once Daddy got home, we decided to have dinner at Camden Yards.  Drive to Baltimore finding no roads closed.  Had dinner, watched part of a great game (go Yanks), drove home trying desperately to keep Crazies awake, gave promised ice cream sandwiches, gave showers (stinky little feet), put Crazies to bed.

Monday - go to the Balls & Weights class at the gym that kills me and leaves me immobile for several days, realize how truly lucky we are that we have power...I can't tell you how many women were showering there, kill myself in class, call the cable company (because the cable/internet went out after the storm passed...that makes sense, right?), get Crazies, come home, let them pick up sticks for 3.5 seconds before they lose interest, and finish the job myself.  Back to business as usual...for many others are still suffering and I feel horrible for them.

How was your weekend?  What have I missed?  I haven't even LOOKED at my Google Reader...sigh...