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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - I'm Done Preaching

Thanks to Miss Danifred for sponsoring this Mind-Dump

  • Let's face it, I had a couple of preach-y posts this week...was it the August Break that left me so desperate to actually SAY something?  Maybe, but I'm done preaching...back to normal life where I just tell you useless shit.

  • So, tutoring has really picked up this summer...I took on a lot of new kids which has led to me having TEN tutoring students this school year...with three that I had to turn away.  Since we're determined to keep tutoring to two nights a week, I'll be doing 5 hours per night...crazy, right?  I'm going to love the extra money because, let's face it, who doesn't love extra money?

  • We were scrambling for a babysitter because the sister of Good Babysitter suddenly told us that she was going to keep her summer job (at a place that closes down in the winter...duh).  I made phone calls and sent emails and finally arrived at a good place.  A former of my going to help us out since she's going to college locally.

  • I hate toys.  If I were a bad mother, I'd throw away all of the toys and just let them watch television all the time...just saying.

  • Recycling woes...Husband makes me recycle paper towel rolls...WTF?  Anyway, since we've redone the kitchen, it drives me batshit crazy to see this pile of recycle crap on our counter next to the dish drain.  So, I think I've come up with a solution...we're going to get a small bin to keep under our kitchen sink.  That way, things will be out of the way, we can just empty the bin when we need to, and my kitchen still looks nice.  What do you do with your recycling?  (we don't have room for a separate bin near the garbage can, so that's not an option)

  • There are impatiens on my deck that we bought before we went to OBX...on 8/7...almost a month ago.  I really need to get them in the ground before it's time for Mums.  I suck as a gardener.

  • I love watching the shows about what they're doing at Ground Zero, but I can't believe it's been 10 years.  

  • I cry at the end of Tangled where the Lost Princess reunites with her parents...every.single.time.  I also love to sing (in my loudest voice) "BRUSH AND BRUSH AND BRUSH AND BRUSH MY HAIR" because the Crazies love it.

  • Speaking of the Crazies, I need to get them some new shoes.  I'm voting we're two sizes away from the correct size with Matt...he's a monstah.

  • I enrolled them in Tae Kwon Do (I'msorry...amIfuckingnuts???).  We went to an introductory class at the library this week and it was AWESOME.  I don't typically think a lot of kids' activities are "awesome," but this one was.  Granted, it may have been the cause for Matthew kicking me in the chest when I took away his haircut lollipop after I realized he sneakily took a lick, but whatever...I'll learn some moves too.

  • Stupid haircut lollipop..."don't open it until after lunch...if you do, I'm taking it away."  Then I notice that Matt's wrapper is not only crooked, but wet...seriously,'ve gotta get better at this shit.  So, I take it away and get kicked in the chest (he was in his carseat at the time if you're wondering how my 2-foot tall son kicked me in the chest).  He wails for a while on the way home and I start to feel guilty b/c I'm not really mad at the lollipop, I'm mad about being kicked, so I tell him I want to chat.  I tell him that if he serves his time-out at home for kicking me, I'll let him have his lollipop for a special treat...after much screaming and consistency (on my part), he acquiesced and happily ate his lollipop after a great lunch.

  • We're putting them in swim class this Fall too.

  • Hailey will be taking ballet too.

  • I turning into one of those parents who has their kids in a million activities???  I already hate myself.  No, seriously much is too much?  Am I just trying to wear them out?  Am I trying to see what they love?  Do they even know what they love or hate yet?  We'll have swim, ballet, Tae Kwon Do, and preschool...I think I'm trying to wear them out.  

  • Hailey is really excited to see her MomMom and PopPop this weekend.  Their trip was postponed last weekend b/c of Irene...she's psyched.

  • We had preschool orientation this week and I really love their teacher and assistants.  There will be 18 kids in their class, one teacher, and two assistants.  The teacher got choked up when she was explaining how much she loves her students...I held it together, but seriously...this school is awesome.  When I walked back in the classroom after our meeting, Hailey took one look at me and said, "Why you here?  You go and I stay here and pway...I see you later."  I think she's ready.

  • As we were getting dressed the other morning, we were discussing how Mommy had two babies in her tummy.  Suddenly, Matt gets this look of realization across his face and says, "YOU MEAN YOU ATE US???"  It was hysterical...yes, I eat babies.

  • One more year, when I'm talking about the Crazies' birthday party, please remind me not to have you know how many thank you notes I have to write???

  • Have a great weekend...