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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday - The Lost Pictures

And you thought we were done with vacation pictures.

Seriously's not that Mommy hasn't taken any new pictures, it's that she's too lazy to get off her damn chair to download them right now.  So, you'll just have to "suffer" through the leftovers.

Sometimes she brings her awesome DSLR when we go places and sometimes she brings her smaller silver camera (it's pretty).  This is what she found on the silver one...we miss OBX.

Dinner one night at a great restaurant...the Coastal Cantina.  See that behind us?  Looks like glass, right?  Well, it's water and it was beautiful that night.  Matt wanted to jump in, but Daddy wouldn't let him (see Daddy's hand on the right?).

The sunsets over the Sound were so gorgeous...we could watch them every night!

I needed to make a pit stop one night and they had this cute little butterfly that kids could take pictures with.  I kind of wish they had handles on the back because I was afraid I'd fall off the box!  Cute though, right?

This picture just cracks us up...look at our faces!  What were we so disgusted with?  Daddy's drinking a what?

Dat's more like it!

A storm was rolling in and the water was so cool...we couldn't take our eyes off it.