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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday - Collages

I've been neglecting my pictures lately...sigh...I know I have.

I haven't been taking a ton of pictures though because things have been a little slow around here.

Or I've been a little slow around here.


So, I got off my ass (not really because I did this sitting down, but you know what I mean) and put some things together for you...yes, you.

You know I'm talking about you, right?


Due to all of the rain, we've been spending a LOT of time on the couch...reading, watching movies, being goofballs.

We don't spend all of our time on the couch though...I also make them do arts & crabs.  Who knew that the Crazies knew how to cut with scissors?  I had NO IDEA...Mother-of-the-Year award locked up with that one.

He does his Go-Go-Squeez a little differently...that's's applesauce in a squeezy thing...awesomeness.

They were quiet one day, so Husband and I realized they had cleared out their toy box to make room for themselves.  Don't be fooled by these happy faces...there was a lot of fighting involved too.

These shots are totally random, but they make me happy.  On the left, you have a great box sent to us from Aunt Manda...notice the notecards that read "Greetings from Crazyville."  Yup...that's about right.
Then, we had to finish off the mail center with a brushed nickel plastic phone...not that we have a land line, but in case we ever do, we're all set.  That's right...we bought a phone just for looks...shallow, ain't we?

So, there you're no longer neglected.  Monday marks the official start of school for the Crazies, so I'll be back with more really soon!