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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Day (finally...I've been waiting for this for weeks)

The Crazies were up early and ready to go!  They even acquiesced and held these dorky signs for me.  I love them so much!

I wanted to get some pictures outside because we have good light in the morning.  One of the Crazies was on board and one was not.

Time to go!!! 
(we were literally 30 minutes early from my original "leave time," but that was cool...)

They tried to go in the wrong entrance and came running back when they were told they were wrong.  Matt runs like a crazy man shaking his head and looking like he's going to crash to the ground at any moment, but I kind of like Hailey's form!

These are my favorite pictures EVER and will be hung in my house just like this...I said, "look at each other" and they did.  I said, "give hugs" and they can tell we were at church because they actually obeyed their parent...amazing.

"Mommy, my tummy don't feel good."
"Can we go to our classwoom yet?"

All in all, things went well at drop-off.  Hailey told me her tummy felt weird.  I asked if she was nervous.  She nodded and said, "dat's because I put butterfwies in my tummy."  Seriously...too cute!