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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday

  1. Thanks for all of your supportive comments yesterday...each of them helped me in ways you'll never imagine.
  2. Tuesday was our first full day of preschool.  Since I tutor Tuesday nights, I get dressed in big girl clothes for the whole day rather than wearing my gym clothes.  This is my day to look like an adult and run adult-like errands.  So, I had to smile when I got to the tailor to get a pair of pants hemmed...after drop off, mind find that my fly had been open for the entire morning.  Happiness is being too old to really give a shit and just be thankful that I had cute undies on!
  3. The 3s are bringing us lots of attitude in Casa de Crazies.  These kids are unbelievable.  A friend of mind said the 2s are for figuring out the boundaries and the 3s are for pushing every single one of them...I concur completely.
  4. We start ballet and swim lessons today...I'm hoping to have them effectively wiped out by 1:15.
  5. The Crazies are OBSESSED with this song...too bad I have to switch the word "funny" in when we get to the "grab somebody sexy, tell them hey."  I scream it like some sort of moron trying to hide my children from all that is "sexy."  They are only three, after all.  Anyway, the Crazies may end up thinking that a sense of humor comes before sex appeal...and why shouldn't they?
  6. I need a's been months.
  7. I tutored all 10 kids this week...wasn't exhausted...this is a good thing.
  8. I love coffee.
  9. Our backyard is a breeding ground for bugs apparently...we've got to dry out around here!
  10. We're looking at low temps this weekend in the 40s.  Husband always get pissed when the seasons turn too quickly.  I find this mildly amusing.
  11. I saw a magazine cover while I was at the food store yesterday...apparently Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins?  And she's having trouble gaining weight?  Does anyone ever really believe this shit?
  12. Thirteen thoughts are difficult to conjure when it's before 7:00 in the morning.
  13. There are things that I do that people might consider weird.  When I go to use the restroom at the library when I'm tutoring, if the light is off or I've just seen someone weird in the library, I enter the restroom like a ninja.  I'm ready to pounce on anyone who is out to get me.  I also want to "clear" each stall like a detective clearing a crime scene on SVU.  I want to slam those doors back and yell "CLEAR!"  Am I the only one who does things like this?