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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Hey, Fall...

  • First, a HUGE congratulations to our hostess, Danifred.  She found out yesterday that the baby she is carrying is indeed a boy.  Welcome to the other side...
  • I would also like to welcome Fall to the East Coast.  She came in suddenly last night with a rain storm and may be here to stay.
  • Today is also the time that I bid farewell to daily leg shaving...sorry knew it was coming.
  • Let's give a cheery "welcome back" to my Winter robe...yes, it's huge, furry, bright pink, and makes me look like a Muppet, but I love it with all of my heart and will wear it proudly (within the confines of my own home).
  • Okay, now that our formalities are done, I'd like to announce that I am leaving for an entire weekend to spend time with my college girlfriends.  I am psyched.
  • "What will you do with an entire weekend away?" one might ask...and the answer would be "shop, get our nails done, watch movies, and drink wine."
  • Husband is actually excited to spend the weekend with the Crazies.  He's so cute with all of his plans.  I still think he'll be happy to see me on Sunday.
  • My friend from the other day...she's coming home from the hospital today.  She's excited, but nervous.  Not only does she have two very rambunctious boys to contend with, but we're all on the edges of our seats to get the pathology report (which will take a leisurely 7-10 days).  I'm just glad she'll be home.
  • Matt had 3 night terrors last night...good times.
  • Hailey sleeps right through most of them.
  • I'm exhausted.
  • Husband is exhausted.
  • We all blame Matt.
  • That's all I got!  Have a great weekend!