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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday's Short N' Sweet

We figured out that we had to come up with another term to describe the hopelessly intellectually challenged people in our lives...something to replace the "r" word b/c the last thing that we want is the Crazies running around calling people that.  

Husband came up with the phrase "herp derp."  It means nothing except what we know it to mean.

So, if someone sends a ridiculously stupid email at word, they're "herp derp."

If someone doesn't pull out into the intersection so we can all turn before the light turns red, they're "herpy derpy."

It's such a convenient term and can be used for all sorts of occasions.

Matt just thinks it sounds funny.

He may have a point.

At least it's not as horrifying and terrible as his other video.

Thank God for small herpy derpy miracles.