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Monday, September 19, 2011

Makes My Monday - Girls' Weekend

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting!

  • Staying up way too late.
  • Snuggling in our jammies.
  • Talking way too loud.
  • Sharing ideas, thoughts, memories, secrets.
  • Hearing Biggie Smalls as we get ready for dinner.
  • Smiling at laughter echoing through the house.
  • Cooking breakfast and not minding one single bit.
  • Sitting on the balcony on a chilly morning just because we can (and no one is liable to fall off).
  • Calling to the deer that keep coming up to the they want to hang out with us.
  • Being shocked at what time it is when we finally go to bed.
  • Sharing a bed with a friend even though you could have your own.
  • Laughing instead of being mad because the wrong address was put into the GPS and we almost drove to Canada.
  • Blowing circuits because there just isn't enough electricity for that many hair dryers and straighteners.
  • Evening eyes.
  • Watching a bootleg copy of Bridesmaids and laughing our asses off.
  • Being thankful for our husbands.
  • Knowing our lives turned out exactly how they should have.
  • Realizing how lucky we are for that fact.
  • Missing our kids.
  • Loving each other.

Special thanks to Husband who not only kept things running at Casa de Crazy, but also took them to the library, baked cookies, and took them to the park.  You're a rock star Husband!!!  Love you!