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Monday, September 26, 2011

Box O'Crazy

A while ago, Sister sent us the most awesome box of goodies.

Yes, it took me a while to get them out because I need to figure out how I'm going to implement some of the new items (can we say Control Freak?)...either that or it will take me a while to get to the point where I'm so frustrated by the same old shit that I need something new...anything!

So, we unleashed the box o'Crazy...check out some of what we found...

Can you tell what's proving so difficult to open?

This girl certainly has a flair for the we're seeing more and more in the threes.  She's definitely in love with her fluffy Tinkerbell pen too.

Still can't resist this smile though...

What is TAKING this kid so long, anyway??

Oh, what's that?  Could that possibly be Silly Putty!?!  I didn't even know they still made that stuff...and some Life, of course...multi-tasking.

Again, with the arm flair...that's not what I love about this picture though...see who is seriously checking out her handiwork off to the right?  He's genuinely interested...and quite impressed, I'd say!

Next came a package of pipe cleaners...since we don't have any pipes that need cleaning, I gave them to the Crazies.  Now what in the world do we do with these things?  Oh, and pompoms...can't go wrong with pompoms.

Well, we could make swords out of them and make nasty faces, right?

We could hold one daintily and look at our brother like he's finally gone off the deep end.

One quick thing from Mom (me)...I had an eye appointment this morning.  GG thought I was nuts when I told her that I'd rather go back to the GYN than see the eye doctor.  I mean, the GYN I can keep my makeup on, I rarely cry, and I can drive away knowing that I won't get in an accident if the sun comes out.  So, I was dilated (and not in a "oh my God, you're going to have a baby so this will all be worth it" way) and feeling like crap.  I seriously almost puked on the way to pick the Crazies up from preschool.  So, I made it through pickup and got back home.  I promptly fell onto the sofa, fired up "Mighty Machines," and cuddled with the Crazies for the next 48 minutes...yes, we watched two episodes.  You guys...I didn't even know they were capable of cuddling.  Matt stayed right next to me with my arm draped over him the whole time, but Hailey wanted to get behind me and on top of me.  She could stroke my arm, or head, or face, but I wasn't allowed to touch her...see?  Attitude.