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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Shower

I'm going to take a real shower today.

I also took one on Sunday (while my awesome Husband took the Crazies to the playground...seriously, he rocks sometimes).

Real Showers are few and far between in the life of a mother.


Because of the kids, of course.

So, today, I will drop the Crazies off at preschool and come back home for a real shower.

I will check for bugs first...I've had a few spider experiences lately (stupid constantly changing weather).

I will close the door tight.

I will listen to music while I put on my makeup.

I will let my hair air dry a bit before blowing it out.

I will not have to yell, "what is going ON in there?" or "are you guys okay?" even once.

I will not demand that the little people come in a talk to me so that I know "what that really loud noise was."

I will not worry that I'll be that mother in the Emergency Room with sopping wet hair and no makeup because I was careless enough to take a shower while my children were awake.

I will wash and condition my hair.

I will shave my legs (and other things if I so feel the need).

I will use body wash on every part of my body (rather than just throwing it at the most desperate).

I will wash my face.

I will dry off at a leisurely pace.
I will apply lotion.

If I'm not having a Real Shower, inevitably one of these steps gets's just the way life works.

Not today though...

Today I get a Real Shower.

And if that's not blogworthy, I don't know what is.

I will NOT be leaving my shirt on like this chick...duh.
Source: None via Paul on Pinterest

I WILL be considering different decorating ideas for my next bathroom...isn't this cute?
Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

I WILL imagine that I am actually showering here...just for a moment.
Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

This guy is definitely NOT invited into my shower...that would just be wrong (but so right at the same time).
Source: via Nina on Pinterest

This guy can't come either, but he is seriously cute, no?

So, there you have big morning plans.  I should probably be going to the gym and racing around to get ready for tutoring, but instead I'm giving myself a Real Shower.  Can't beat that with a bat...