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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Check out our fearless hostess, Danifred!

  • We are SO ready to change the Crazies into their own rooms.
  • This morning, Hailey woke up screaming at 6:00 AM that she wanted to go to G's house (her friend's child).
  • Too bad we weren't going to G's house until dinner-time.
  • She was not happy...and was audible about that.
  • She got moved to guest room (soon to be Matt's room).
  • Matt calls me over, gently, to tell me "Hailey woke me up."
  • Yeah, kid...I know...she woke us all up.
  • I think was just trying to get him back for the 5:15 AM wake-up yesterday.
  • I don't like this sort of competition.

  • Why do my inner thighs hurt after a spin class?
  • WTF did I do to that bike?

  • This weekend is busy.
  • I like busy.
  • Ready for me to be a bit selfish?
  • Since we're spending money on all of this "new bedroom" stuff, I don't think it's appropriate for me to go to A.T. Loft to spend my savings cards.
  • I have SIXTEEN of them.
  • They expire on Sunday.
  • I really want to spend them, but we ain't got no cash left.
  • Boohoo...

  • It finally stopped raining.
  • I couldn't be happier.
  • Until all the noises from outside start bothering me.
  • Damn crickets!
  • Why do men with trucks decide to rev them right in front of of our house?
  • Why are leaves so crunchy?
  • Why am I such a primadonna right now?

  • Today is a day where I have/will see two of my favorite people.
  • I guess it just proves that I still have friends left.
  • A came over this morning with birthday gifts for the Crazies...we had a great time.
  • She let me run out ALONE for milk.
  • God bless that woman.
  • I'll be seeing J tonight for pizza with the fam.
  • She went back to work this year.
  • I miss her being around.
  • I think I'll bring her some spirits.
  • She could use some...this working Mom gig is no joke.

  • Speaking of working...this 10 hours of tutoring a week is exhausting!
  • By the time I get home, I can barely string two words together for Husband.
  • I miss hanging around with him.
  • I don't really miss bath time.
  • I do enjoy working with these kids.
  • I have a great group.
  • I still hate when people cancel when I'm on my way though...totally RUDE!
That's all for for pizza, mattress shopping, grocery shopping, Tae Kwon Do, Matt's haircut (picture day on Tuesday), Target, football, and apparently there is some good baseball going on this weekend too, but I could give a shit less about that...the Yankees will win.