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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My afternoon thoughts...redone.

:: enjoying some quiet time (even if the asshat behind us is mowing for like the third time this week).  munching on popcorn satisfies me.
:: ecstatic about some of the changes around here (even though change sucks ass and makes me crazy...I like the outcomes).  about the fact that Fall weather is here and it's not raining.
:: feeling tired...I haven't seen REM sleep in about 4-5 days.  squishy in my chair.
:: vowing that this room change will make things better in the sleep department.  to start going to bed earlier.
:: wanting a shopping buddy for tomorrow afternoon.  some chocolate...yum.
:: riding nothing...I'm not riding anything.  still not riding anything.
:: enjoyed have pizza with friends of ours last night...we had adult beverages AND adult conversation.  It was a lovely night.  grocery shopping alone this morning...I typically hate grocery shopping, but being alone was pretty awesome.
:: holding onto a secret.  I'm not really holding anything, but that that secret.
:: thinking  about how busy October will be.  We really need to squeeze some family traditions in there too!  that my teeth are moving around.  I may need some orthodontic work.
:: grateful for Husband...I don't know what I would do without him.  Same...
:: anticipating some awesome cool weather and a Sunday without a lot of errands.  A great move to separate rooms...they're going to look so cute and I really think they're going to be happy.
:: excited about a secret...I have a  Still excited about my secret.
:: itching for some homemade chocolate chip cookies...that's what I get for buying a huge bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips from BJs.  My right eye...weird twitching that I think I can control.  I can't, you know.
:: wishing that this sleep situation would resolve itself without losing a whole lotta sleep, but it's not looking good.  for a lovely evening with Husband.  I miss him during the week...things are so crazy!
:: wondering if Dog really likes us.  It seems like she does, but her life has changed a lot in the past few years.  when the ice cream man will stop coming around.  Hailey is scare shitless of the ice cream man!
:: hoping that I never get amnesia and forget the past ten years of my life...I'm reading a new book and it's freaking me out.  I'm remembering things from 10 years ago that I'd long's creepy.  that I find some great finds on tomorrow's shopping jaunt.  I need to stop off at Target too for some last minute room additions.  This doesn't mean I want amnesia, but I just thought my original answers were too "bad moodish."