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Sunday, October 2, 2011

REM sleep achieved by all...

We kind of went ape shit on our house this weekend.

We took apart the corner desk in the basement and stored that.
We went to Tae Kwon Do (which has nothing to do with the house, but did interrupt our progress).

We had one Crazy sleeping in our king-sized bed at naptimes and the other one sleeping in the guest one slept in their own room at nap's definitely time to switch their beds.  This shit is getting ridiculous.

We moved my desk from the guest room to the basement (which included taking it apart and reassembling it even though we just got it a few months ago).

Then we took apart Matt's crib to get the head/footboards for his new bed.

We made and ate dinner.

Then we put his new bed together and loaded the mattress into place.

We made his bed in his Cars sheets and let him have at it.

We took his old crib mattress and put it next to his new bed in case he fell out.  It actually proved to be helpful so he could climb up easier.

Then we took the front off of Hailey's crib so she could use it as a daybed.

Then I put her Princess pillow case on so she didn't feel completely out of the action (we're ordering her mattress today).

All Crazies were happy...ecstatic...ridiculous excited.

We skipped baths for the second night in a row.

Yes, I have RIPE Crazies.

Husband was exhausted.

We had to go in a few times.

Matt's nightlight was too bright, but he couldn't stop staring at it.

After they were asleep, Husband lined the edge of Hailey's bed with pillows on the floor...just in case.

He fell asleep with his foot in the blinds...made a huge racket, but didn't wake up.

Had to reposition him under the covers around 11:00...right after we had fallen to sleep.

Dead weight kids are HEAVY!
I tucked him in well and went back to sleep myself...hoping for the best.

The one person that did wake me was Husband talking in his sleep...insisting that Hailey was crying (she wasn't, BTW...I totally won that one).

After that, we slept through until 6:00.  Matt woke up calling for Daddy.  He was a bit scared after waking up in a new room.

Husband went back in to cuddle with him and they both fell back to sleep.  My alarm went off and I went back to sleep.  I slept until 7:50.  It was amazingly awesome.  Hailey had to be woken up at that time.

I'm hoping that things continue in this manner, but you never know.

All that I DO know is that we haven't hit REM sleep in 4 nights and we finally did last night.  I call that a small victory.

Picture to come...too lazy to walk up to get the camera!

BTW, I fell freaking awesome after sleeping all night...seriously.