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Monday, October 3, 2011

Makes My Monday

Thanks to Cheryl for making it happen!

The perfect Red Day outfit.

The faces that Matt makes while watching TV.

Yes, those are the things that make my Monday.  I love seeing the good parts of my personality come out in my children (because the evil parts come out too and it makes me wonder how my mother didn't kill me).  Hailey loves the perfect outfit, right down to the shoes.  Matt loves a good television program...he laughs right along and gets a total kick out of it.(I know, TV is for boobs, but I love it).

One more thing Makes my Monday...I got a pass to use my Loft savings card and I also got a shopping buddy at the last minute!  I was psyched and got some cute things while saving 50%.  Can't beat that with a bat, right?

What makes your Monday?