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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rooms - Phase One

So, Matt was the first one to lose the crib.  Hailey asked for the blue room, so he got the red room...the Cars room, if you will.

We started to tear things apart.

First, the desk (the one I just bought a few months ago) had to be cleared, disassembled, and moved to the basement.

Second, Matt's crib had to come apart so Husband could build his bed frame.

Third, the dresser needed to be moved from the blue room to the red room which is no easy feat when you live in a small house with ridiculously stupid angles and the need for a rail so no one keels over the stairs.

Fourth, have every pile in new bed and congratulate the Big Boy!

Fifth, give Hailey her new Princess throw pillows and her new Princess pillow case and tell her over and over that her mattress will be here on Tuesday.

Sixth, move all of the clothes around so that boys clothes are with the boy and girl clothes are with the girl.

Seventh, tell them "yes, you can turn your lamp on and off for a hundred minutes in a row."

Eighth, remember to take a few pictures.

Ninth, pray for the best.

Happy enough to wait for her Big Girl Bed since we turned her crib into a daybed.  Are we noticing a theme here?

Matt confiscated all of the hardware from the cribs and categorized it in his new room.

The kid was so happy doing we let him.

Conquering the Big Boy Bed...notice a theme here (other than the seashore artwork purchased long ago which will be moving out as soon as I figure out the rest of the decorations)?

Trying to conquer the Big Boy Bed...pretty sad when we told her she had to leave.

Ummm...yeah, jumping isn't allowed...dur.

Last night, we took Hailey's crib apart and assembled her bed frame.  Her 25-pound little body is currently residing on that frame with two crib mattresses side-by-side and a couple of couch cushions rounding things out on the bottom.  She's happier than a pig in shit.

We did have a fire engine incident where Matt thought they were coming to our house and then Hailey got upset because her "brudda" was crying.  Too cute!

Matt has fallen out of his Big Boy Bed, but it didn't freak him out.  He would have slept on the floor if I hadn't heard it.  We have also had one incident where he wanted to read at 4:00 AM...spent 15 minutes talking him out of it, but it was worth it because he slept an extra 1.5 hours in the morning.  They've been pretty good about everything else so far too.

We are doing our best to remain consistent, calm, firm, and stick to the rules.
1.  You get to hug and kiss each other once.
2.  When we're in bed, you don't get out.
3.  No getting up before it's light out.
4.  No jumping on beds.
5.  No screws, bolts, nails, screwdrivers, hammers, or washers in an area where you could possibly fall out of bed.

I'll write tomorrow about the HUGE knot Matt earned on his head at preschool...the day before pictures...because he was walking with his hands in his pockets.  He's too cool for school.