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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

End of Summer Party 2011

Remember how I started the Crazies in Kindermusik before they could even sit up unassisted?  Remember how crazy that was?  What in the world was I thinking???

I'm having flashbacks of trying to hold both Crazies up at the same time while valiantly singing some rendition of some song that I'll never hear again. 

Anyway, Matt and Hailey met some kids in Kindermusik...some really great kids.  

Let's face facts, the kids are probably so great because their parents are pretty awesome too (at least that's what I always tell myself when someone comments on how great my kids are...that's allowed, right?).

We've kept in touch with a few through FB and other events, so we were excited to go to R.E.'s* End of Summer Party.

What a great idea for a party...I gotta tell you.

This party came complete with a huge blow-up ball that you could get into, a bounce house, pizza, fruit, and great company.

Here are a few shots...finally:

While she was a bit tentative at first, she ended up LOVING the bounce house...who wouldn't, right?

Matt got inside the huge blow-up ball, but did not want to be rolled around.  Smart kid, if you ask me.

Our pals...R and our host, R.E. - great kids, I tell ya.

The only twin-ish shot I could manage...shocker, they both look mildly annoyed.  Will they even both be happy at the same time???

Not that she wanted to get inside the giant blow-up ball...she just wanted to drag it around the lawn.

These two were cracking each other up around the lunch table.  Seriously...after watching this, I have a feeling that I will be receiving many calls home for Matt goading on his classmates during class clown incidents.  It was hysterical to watch!

Such a happy kid that day...he had so much fun.

I'm so glad I kept in touch with these friends!

What would you include if you were going to have an End of Summer Party?

*  Names have been changed to protect the young and innocent.