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Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Yes, I totally gave the Crazies Popems before going to the dentist...I rule!

Hailey basically telling people what to do, getting tortured by the Tickly Toothbrush, showing off her shiny teeth, and helping the dinosaur with his dentail hygiene.

Matt waiting for his turn, touching the Tickly Toothbrush, getting his teeth brushed, and also helping out the dinosaur.  Apparently that dinosaur has very bad breath.

  • Yes, they're the same pictures I put on FB, so don't hate me.  Tuesday and Wednesdays are really crazy for me!
  • Yes, Hailey put the Dinosaur's Toothbrush in her mouth even though I'm pretty sure it was "for display only."  ICK!!!
  • We got the Crazies' comforters and I put them right on their bed...I'm a rebel, I know.
  • Husband is going away this weekend...ugh.
  • I'm supposed to start flossing their teeth...the ones that touch.  Did you know that kids' teeth aren't supposed to touch?  Yeah, me neither.  Flossing should be fun, huh?