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Friday, October 7, 2011


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Friday Night Leftovers

  • Does anyone know how old you have to be to start losing teeth?  I swear that I have teeth that are moving and until now, I've chalked it up to speaking to the Crazies through gritted teeth, but I'm starting to think that I'm just old.

  • I was stopped by a state trooper at local and very well known speed trap last night.  I was so pissed at myself, but somehow found my sense of humor.  Here are a few excerpts:
    • "Yes, I know you guys are always kids wave at you every day!"
    • "I'm on my way to get milk...right there!  I was almost freaking there!!"
    • "I swear I had my seatbelt on...I just took it off...I swear."
    • "Yes, I still live on ******* Way, but I might not if my husband finds out about this."
  • You gotta have a sense of humor...anyway, I got off with a warning...thank God!
  • I'm pretty sure I'd have to go to traffic school if I got another speeding ticket.

  • So, Matt fell the other day at preschool...the day before pictures.
  • He was walking with his hands in his pockets b/c they were cold.
  • He tripped.
  • His head took the brunt of the fall.
  • He was fine (crying, but fine).
  • The teachers were slightly freaked out b/c the bump was one of the biggest they'd ever seen.
  • Rookies.
  • Anyway, as I was trying to soothe him, the director of the preschool mentioned that "it might be time to get some gloves in the house."  
  • I almost roundhouse kicked her in the face.
  • Glad I rethought that.
  • Here are some pictures...which one do you think makes him look most pathetic?
I like this one...I feel that you can almost see the shadow of the bump on the lower left side.

This one just makes me laugh b/c inverting the color REALLY shows the bumpness of the bump.

This is the most, purple, gross, bump.

Maybe it's this one that will garner him the most sympathy...the blood, the lightning, the ghosts...who WOULDN'T feel bad for him after all that shit?

  • Everyone goes apple picking, but we don't.  It's not that I don't like apples.  It's not that I don't like picking.  I'd love to make a memory like this.  It's the fact that we get 10 apples per week from the CSA, can barely eat them all as it is, don't like baked apple products, and will never be able to eat them.  If there was a service where we could pick apples and give them to a lazy family, we'd totally do that, but until then, no memories for us.

  • I have to say that I'm loving this room change for the Crazies.  Here are some of my pros (and no cons since I can't really think of any right now):
    • More cuddling...I couldn't cuddle with them in their cribs.
    • More sleep...they settle right down most nights and aren't up talking until 9:45.
    • Less goading...they have no one to dare them to do things while they're supposed to be sleeping, so they're getting in less trouble.
    • Less night terrors (so far) I write this, I'm probably jinxing myself because that's how my life goes.
    • More happiness...they love having their own space and, more importantly, they love sharing their space.  Sure, we've had the "get out of my room" fight already, but they also love to invite each other over.  Too cute!
    • When one gets up, the other doesn't necessarily have to.  This is a Godsend for my early riser, Matt.
    • Hugs and kisses at bedtime and wake it.

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