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Monday, October 10, 2011

Makes My Monday...Owl Edition

Thanks to Cheryl for giving me something to look for every single Monday (when I remember).

Checking their new owls out...and giving them some kisses.
Matt named his Mack n' Mumfrey (not really sure where that came from...I think it has something to do with Thomas that Very Useful Engine).
Hailey named hers Hailey (very original).
So, we put our faith in Amazon and bought these OK to Wake night-light Owl thingies.  We were just sick of bedtime issues and, more importantly, Crazies waking up at the ass crack of dawn demanding activities.

These are a nightlight with music to fall to sleep (adjustable time setting).  The music is so almost put ME to sleep!  If the child wakes up before it's time, the owl actually tells them to go back to sleep.  Oh, and it's much nicer than me hissing, "go back to's the middle of the night for God's sake!!!  Everyone in the WORLD is sleeping!"

When it's time to get up (after the allotted 2 hours for nap or at 7:00 AM), the owl's face changes to green, yet remains quiet.  If the child squeezes the owl's tummy, it says that it's okay to wake up and plays a happy song.

It's the cutest thing ever.

The first time I set it for naps, I didn't do it right and the owl never changed green.  It didn't matter though b/c Matt woke up in a raw mood (I'm guessing night terror turned "waking up on the asshole side of the bed") and when I reset it and it finally went off, Matt said, "Oh, Mack...I'm so pwoud of you for turning gween!"  And the tantrum was over.

Hailey has been awesome about staying in bed until it turns green.  Then she'll quietly call me to let me know it's green.  In the morning, if we have time, I've been giving her the option to stay in bed and read or come downstairs.  She's been that girl.

Matt is still getting up before the alarm, but we're working on it.  He's a tough nut to crack, but he does like the owl.  And, by "like the owl," I mean he's mounted he does everything he likes.  I am also attributing some of his sleep behavior to being in his own bed and being given more freedom, but that's another post entirely...still, I love that kid.

So far, I love these things too.  They're cute.  They're reasonably priced (if you only have to buy one...Husband was a little put off by the fact that we had to buy two).  They're multi-purposed (nightlight, music player, and alarm clock).  They're easy to set and easy to use.  The only thing I don't like about them is that you have to reset it each time...from nap to alarm clock.  That's all though.  

I have to thank my friend, A, for introducing these little owls to me.  Like so many other things in my life, she has given me something that definitely makes my life more manageable.  Where would I be without her?, seriously.